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A Doypack is a special type of flexible packaging that is a very popular solution for food packaging. Doypacks are very versatile and offer excellent protection, so their use is increasing in the food industry and large-scale distribution.

Doypack packaging is available in fixed or customizable formats, it can be made with various materials and it allows the customer to enhance the design of the packaging. Let’s see all the advantages of Doypack packaging and when it’s best to choose this food packaging.

What is Doypack packaging?

A Doypack is a type of packaging developed in the ’70s by Leon and Louis Doyen. Doypack pouches have a curved bottom gusset so they can stand up vertically and remain stable. This type of structure, known as a stand-up pouch, can make the product more visible, attractive and easy for consumers to handle.

Doypack pouches and bags can be made with different materials. These include paper and PE (polyethylene) with a dark brown exterior for products that need to be protected from the light. A Doypack made with PE/EVOH/PE, on the other hand, has a white coating and is a fully recyclable plastic material. This packaging is also available in a transparent version, which is ideal for promoting products that can be exposed to light.

Doypack packaging provides a high barrier against oxygen, moisture and odors, and can hold solid foods as well as pastes, powders and liquids. It is elegant and refined with a high-quality finish and a robust and flexible structure. A Doypack can also be reused by the consumer and preserves the integrity of the product for a long time.

When to choose Doypack packaging

Doypack pouches make ideal packaging for a wide range of food products, such as: coffee, tea, cereal, dried fruit, rice, creamy or semi-liquid pastes, whole and ground spices and pet food. They are generally used for bulk packaging but there are now financially sustainable solutions available for smaller orders too.

This primary packaging is suitable for customers who require robust and stable packaging. The plastic Doypack packaging is also a fully recyclable solution that can reduce the ecological footprint of products. Plus, the hermetic seal preserves the product’s freshness and aromas, making Doypack packaging ideal for flavored products.

Doypack: the evolution

Doypack packaging is an innovative and smart technology used in the food packaging sector. A Doypack has a pressurized zip closure, which helps to preserve the product even after the pouch has been opened.

Another important factor to consider is the space savings a Doypack offers because it is small and will fit more easily on shelves and in consumers’ cupboards. Plus, fewer raw materials are used than in rigid packaging offering similar performance, which reduces the amount of plastic used and makes the packaging more sustainable.

Volmar Packaging offers high-quality Doypack pouches and bags for food packaging, including fully recyclable options. We also offer other types of stand-up packaging and flexible packaging, as well as super pouches for liquid products.

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