Volmar packaging offers a vast range of innovative and high-quality solutions for conservation, transport and sale of dried fruit. We have indeed different flexibles films suitable for every requirement, which can guarantee an optimal conservation through high-barrier against light, humidity and, if necessary, against oxygen (under vacuum and MAP).


Packaging suitable for dried fruit, due to their specific structures, are aimed to properly protect this type of product from the action of external agents.

Volmar Packaging proposes high-quality and high-barriered materials which prevent the inner product to get in contact with gas, water vapour, oxygen and light in order to keep the conditions inside the package stable. In this way, it is possible to preserve the organoleptic properties and taste of dried food.

Packaging for dried fruit is also completely customizable, in order to enhance the company brand and support the promotion of that product.

Volmar Packaging is indeed able to study customized and tailor-made solutions suitable for every requirement and application in order to find the correct compromise between food commercial image of the product and its protection.

Sizes and configurations of dried fruit packaging

There are different sizes available for dried food packaging, suitable for portioned fulfilment, for realising tailor made thermoformable or thermoformed bags. Volmar Packaging is also able to study customized packaging according to the production process, to increase the efficiency of the packaging phase.

Volmar Packaging proposal includes different structures, sizes and configurations, such as films in reels, bags, preformed trays, suitable for horizontal or vertical flowpack machines, doypack, bags with squared bottom, stand up, rigid trays,…


There are different materials which can be used for dried fruit packaging, such as skin pack, OPA/PE (oriented nylon and polyethylene), PER/PE-EVOH-PE (polyester laminated to barriered polyethylene) or PET/PP (polyester and polypropylene). All the above -mentioned structures are available in the peelable version.

Which type of dried fruit can be packed?

Volmar Packaging offers solutions suitable for packing either for walnuts, almonds, hazelnut and for dehydrated fruits as apricots, plums, apples, but also for cereals, rice, sweets, praline, yeast products, and biscuits, offering the maximum flexibility to optimize the supply chain products.