Volmar packaging proposes professional and specialised solutions for high quality rice packaging. There is a vast range of customizable offers, suitable for each specific application and requirement.

Eco-sustainable packaging for rice is also available, in order to provide green packaging with a lower environmental impact and realise recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable packaging.

Moreover, Volmar Packaging pays attention to optimise the production and it is committed to find customized packaging solution for rice suitable also for this purpose.

How is it supposed to be a packaging for rice?

Rice packaging technology includes dedicated solutions for packing rice, which requires particular attention in choosing the correct product. As a matter of facts, rice needs a suitable packaging which prevents any type of contamination and preserve the organoleptic properties and freshness of the product until the packaging is opened. The most important requirement is a high barrier effect, to protect rice from external agents: light, oxygen and humidity.

Packaging for rice needs to be not only practical and easy to use in production, transport, sale and stock stages but also customizable, in order to improve the product brand according to the company policies.

The most common packaging for rice is under vacuum but sometimes also packaging in MAP are used, in order to increase the conservation of the product, keeping unmodified its freshness.

It is possible to match specific packaging (multi-layer or mono-layer), according to each type of rice that needs to be packed.


Volmar packaging offers a vast range material suitable for packing rice, among which it is possible to choose according to requirements, either laminated or coextruded flexible films, generally composed by polyethylene or polypropylene (also as mono polymer) particularly indicated to pack under vacuum and print the bags in different ways: flexographic, high definition or rotogravure printing.

Volmar Packaging proposal includes also 3 sealing folding or doypack bags.