Among a vast range of proposal, Volmar Packaging also offers tailor-made solution for under vacuum packaging. It deals with a fully customizable packaging, which guarantees preserving the organoleptic properties, the taste and the freshness of products.

What is Skin Pack?

Skin Pack is an appreciated solution for under vacuum packaging, a type of pack in which the product lays on plastics or paper support (plat or tray) and it is covered by a protective plastics film (skin). The main feature of this kind of packaging is that the external layer is modelled onto the products through a heating, vacuum and sealing process, and it perfectly fits on its shape.

This process is carried out all in once and guarantee the perfect adherence onto the product.

It is different from the blister pack process, in which the three steps are separated in three different moments.

The packaging is closed sealing through thermo-activated substances, in order to guarantee a perfect adherence of the plastics film (skin) onto the basis.

It is also possible either to change the grammage of the plastics layer, or to customize with flexographic or rotogravure printing the plate, according to the requirement of single applications.

Advantages of under vacuum packaging

Under vacuum packaging obtained with skin pack technology benefits from a huge number of advantages:

  • Excellent protection and preservation of the product;
  • Increasing of the duration of long-life products;
  • Enhancement of the aesthetics of products;
  • High barrier against external agents.

This type of packaging guarantees the perfect conservation of food, maintaining unchanged its nutritional properties and freshness.

Skin Pack increases products shelf-life, decreasing food wastes and increasing the life of it and it represents the best choice for products such us fresh meat.

Skin pack packaging is light and manageable and it allows to ease the packaging, the stock and the sale of food products. Skin Pack allows, indeed, to exploit all the available space since packs can be placed horizontally, vertically or transversally.

Product packed in skin pack are more visible for customers, underlining their aesthetics and making them more appealing.

Moreover, the products remain perfectly still, benefitting of a higher protection in every step of transport, stock and sale.

Which type of food can be packed in with skin pack?

Under vacuum Skin Pack is suitable for a huge number or products, included fresh and perishable product, such as:

  • Cheese
  • Treated meat
  • Fresh pasta
  • Fresh and frozen meat
  • Fresh and frozen fish
  • Gastronomy products
  • Frozen food.