3-liter bag in boxes provide safe packaging for wines, sauces and other liquid products. This type of bag in box has an excellent quality-price ratio, offering a perfect solution to improve storage, logistics and the distribution of your products.

Features of the 3-liter bag in box

3-liter bag in boxes are an innovative packaging solution. When inserting the product in the bag in box, it is recommended to use a filling machine to prevent any food contamination and extend the product conservation. This way, it is possible preserve the contents for a long period, protecting it from problems like oxidation and contact with external agents.


3-liter bag in boxes offer important advantages compared to traditional packaging, such as:

  • Long life without any contact with air;
  • Good protection against bumps, falls and crushing;
  • Agile transport and easy usage of the product;
  • Preservation of the organoleptic properties of the product;
  • Long life product, up to 6–12 months;
  • Affordable price compared to glass packaging.

Retail bag in box – available sizes

3-liter bag in boxes are compact and robust, ideal for optimizing the storage and retail sale of liquid products, creams or gels. Volmar Packaging offers high-quality 3L bag in box containers at competitive prices, available in various shapes and sizes, according to the requirements of each customer.

Which products can be packaged in a 3-liter bag in box?

3-liter bag in boxes are suitable for packaging various types of products, such as:

  • Wine;
  • Extra virgin olive oil;
  • Fruit juices;
  • Sauces:
  • Detergents;
  • Creams;
  • Drinks;
  • Mousse.

The outer cardboard packaging can be customized with a high-quality print to enhance your brand and increase the appeal of your product on the market. 3-liter bag in boxes guarantee exceptional preservation performance in all fields of application and they are suitable for all commercial and operational needs.