Volmar’s laminated paper, which can also be customized, is an ideal solution for packing ready meals, deli products, cold cuts and cheeses in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It is a technical material that offers excellent performance for high-quality packaging.

What is laminated paper?

Laminated paper is a very popular material for food packaging as it is compliant for contact with food and it is easy to separate for waste sorting. It is available in various forms and weights and it is suitable for satisfying the demands of food industry, supermarkets, butchers and delis. Volmar Packaging can also offer a thermoforming barriered FSC® paper, declared recyclable according to ATICELCA ® (Cat. B).

Volmar Packaging can also provide one side or both side printed paper (up to 8 colours), with water-based inks.


Laminated paper food packaging ensures either maximum respect for the environment and high standards of quality, offering excellent protection for the products and preserving their organoleptic properties, quality and taste.

Paper packaging looks appealing helping with promoting the food product from a marketing point of view.

Materials and dimensions

Laminated paper products are available in different compositions, widths and thicknesses, according to individual needs: horizontal and vertical Flow-pack, top web…

Which products can be packaged with laminated paper?

Laminated paper can have different application in food industry, for instance:

  • Packaging cold cuts and cheeses in MAP, and other delis products;
  • Packaging ready meals, fresh pastries and pasta;
  • Fruit mousse, preserves, creams and custards.

Structure Examples


Fields of application

Cured meats and cheeses in ATP
Ready meals