Volmar Packaging offers an eco-friendly food packaging in order to use eco-sustainable packaging which provide high level performances, reducing volumes and increasing food safety, in maximum respect of the environment.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly materials are designed to provide low environmental impact food packaging and huge advantages as far as storage, production, transport and disposal are concerned. It deals with material, whose structure are compliant to the current European laws, which states the standard for being recognized as “eco-friendly packaging”.

Selected raw material and an optimal level of hygiene is kept in order to ensure maximum protection to the customers. Sustainable packaging either can be fully recycled but they are also produced considering the impact, in order to reduce as much as possible, the carbon footprint.


There are many advantages in choosing eco-friendly packaging for your food products: mainly a lower environmental impact and CO2 emissions. This green packaging allows to fully recycle the materials after use, favoring the circular economy and reducing disposal costs.

Environmentally friendly packaging products help to strengthen a brand image: for instance, they promote an environmentally conscious identity and brand ethic for a company.

As far as productivity and conservation are concerned, appropriate sustainable materials offer high level performance, ensuring maximum quality and food safety in all stages of the productive process, transport and shelf-life.

Materials and dimensions

There are different forms and dimension on eco-friendly packaging, whose structures ensure a high protection due to high barriers.

For instance, thermoforming barriered paper food packaging is available, and, moreover, high barrier polyester (APET MONO HB), high barrier PLA, MATER BI and cellulose-derivates, which, even if they look like plastics, they are 100% biodegradable, as they are composed by vegetal raw material (corn, sugar cane, beet).

Which products can be packaged?

Volmar Packaging provides green packaging suitable for different applications: Bio food, deli food, cured meat, cheeses, pet food.

Structure Examples


Fields of applications

Bio Products
Cured meat
Pet Food