220 Litre Bag in Box is an ideal solution for industrial packaging of liquid or semi-liquid products such as fruit juices, milk, wine, eggs and sauces and represent a safety and versatile alternative to traditional packaging.

220 Litre Bag in Box: features

220 Litre Bag in Boxes are purposely designed according to food industry requirements. The inner part is composed by a highly resistant PA/PE film with a multilayer structure suitable for packing liquid products.

It deals with certified FSSC 22000 (Version 5) materials, produced according to hygiene and quality standards, in order to guarantee optimal performances as far as sterility and food safety are concerned.  220 Litre Bag in Boxes are designed for fulfilment at temperatures between 5 ° and 85 °C.

The fulfilling and emptying systems protect the inner product from chemical and physiological changes, avoiding any contact with outer spaces and preventing from any deterioration or oxidation process.


220 Litre Bag in Boxes guarantee several advantages as far as industrial packaging is concerned, especially in terms of food safety, preservation and conservation:

  • Quality of product: Bag in Boxes guarantee the preservation of the optimal quality of the product, avoiding any change on the organoleptic properties and preserving freshness, aroma and taste;
  • High barrier: Bag in Boxes are designed to guarantee an optimal high barrier, preventing any contact of the inner product with air and solar light and offering a high level of preservation during stock and transport.
  • Hygienical safety: Bag in Boxes are produced with technologically-advanced machines which guarantees in sterile environment, according to strict and severe Italian and European hygienical laws, in order to produce safer and more qualitative products;
  • Low environmental impact: 220 Litre Bag in Boxes does not contain any harmful substance such solvents or adhesives, avoiding any contamination of the product, increasing the eco-sustainability of packaging, easing the waste disposal and contributing to a lower carbon impact on the environment;
  • Maximisation of industrial processes: Bag in box’s structure is designed to facilitate the packaging, making it more efficient and saving either space and money when it comes to storage and transport.


According to food industry requirements, the best solution is represented by 220 Litre Bag in Box, the perfect size which facilitate production and fulfilment phase and optimize storage and transport phase.

On the other hand, according to retail sale requirements, the best option is represented by 3 or 10 litre Bag in Box.

Eventually, according to HORECA requirements, 10, 20 and 22 litre Bag in Box are the most suitable alternatives.

Which products can be packed in 220 Litre Bag in boxes?

220 Litre Bag in Boxes are suitable to pack in a safety and efficient way lots of food products:

  • Oil;
  • Fruit juice;
  • Water;
  • Condensed milk;
  • Wine;
  • Tomato sauce;
  • Eggs;
  • ….