Volmar Packaging proposal includes solutions suitable for cheese; we indeed have a specific line of high-quality products at competitive prices, through which the freshness of the food is preserved and its image is commercially enhanced.

Which is the suitable packaging for cheese?

The main requirement of a cheese package is being able to protect its organoleptic properties, preventing any contact with external agents such as light an oxygen. Moreover, it has to ease the packaging, guaranteeing an optimal conservation and a good appearance when the food is sold to the customer.

One of the most common option is represented by under vacuum bags, suitable indeed for under vacuum and MAP packaging. There are different configurations for this type of product, such as folding bags, doypack, three sealing bags; all these solution are completely customizable.

Another option is represented by films in reels for automatic machines (thermoforming machines and vertical or horizonal flowpack,… )

Volmar Packaging offers either laminated and coextruded flexible films, either peelable, sealable or though sealable, either white or transparent.

Volmar Packaging proposal includes eco-sustainable film aimed to reduce the environmental impact, to enhance responsible choice and brand ethics from the company; some examples are MONO PE (polyethylene) recyclable materials, compostable films in PLA or MATER BI,…

Size and configuration for cheese packaging

Volmar Packaging proposes different sizes, configurations and structures for cheese packaging: polypropylene (PP), in necessary also high barriered, skin pack, top trays or flowpack. All those types of packaging are completely customizable according to every requirement and application.

Which types of cheeses can be packed?

Volmar Packaging have suitable films for each type of cheese: mature cheese, grated cheese, dairy products, yogurt, soft cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella), …

Volmar Packaging offers high-quality solution for hard, semi-hard and mild cheeses, which can guarantee the original taste, protecting the inner product from the deterioration due to microorganism and enhancing the brand.