5-liter bag in boxes are an innovative packaging solution for the optimal and safe storage of wine, sauces, oil and other liquid products. This advanced packaging offers important advantages in terms of the transport, wholesale or retail sale and consumption of non-solid products.

Features of the 5L bag in box

The 5L bag in box consists in two layers of packaging, an inner bag made of plastic and an outer cardboard box. The inner bag is flexible and aseptic, ideal for storing liquid food products according to current regulation. It has a tap and valve to make it as safe and practical as possible.

The outer cardboard box provides a high level of protection for the contents inside, shielding them from damage caused by bumps and falls. The bag should be filled using automatic filling machines in order to prevent from contact with the air and the main contaminants and in order to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product.


5-liter bag in boxes for other liquid products offer several advantages and as a consequence, they are becoming more and more popular for wine, oil and creams:

  • Safe and compliant to current regulation inner bag;
  • High-resistant packaging;
  • Long conservation, even in the fridge;
  • Practical and convenient packaging for retail sale;
  • Efficient, automatic filling;
  • Lower costs than other conventional packaging;
  • Facilitates the storage and transport of liquid products.

Bag in box – available sizes

The dimensions of the 5-liter bag in box are quite compact; there are standard sizes and options suitable for all operational and commercial needs. In Volmar Packaging’s offer, there are bag in box containers in various shapes, sizes and configurations, with solutions for all needs and different contexts, from the food industry to the household product sector.

Which products can be packaged in a 5-liter bag in box?

As well as the 5-liter wine bag in box, this packaging is ideal for lots of types of liquid products, including:

  • Oil;
  • Creams;
  • Sauces;
  • Drinks;
  • Mousse;
  • Fruit juices.

The outer packaging made from eco-friendly, recyclable cardboard is fully customizable so you can brand the bag-in-box packaging and adjust according to the requirements of your business. This packaging is an excellent solution for long-life products, ensuring that their organoleptic properties are preserved for up to 6–12 months.