Bag in boxes for wine are a safe and efficient packaging solution for the storage and transport of wine products, offering excellent performance also as far as distribution is concerned.

What is the bag in box?

Bag in box is an innovative and durable packaging solution, ideal for the storage and use of liquid products like wine. The inner part consists in a plastic bag with a valve, compliant for contact with food. The outer part is a cardboard box to protect the contents and facilitate transports.

Which unbottled wines can be sold in the bag in box?

The wine bag in box is suitable for the sale of unbottled products, from cheaper, long-life wines to more premium products. This modern and eco-friendly packaging is suitable for local or international distribution, for red, white and rosé wines, excluding sparkling wines.

Fine wines and bag in box

The bag in box packaging is perfect for high-quality wines; it preserves the product and prevents oxidation, conserving the organoleptic properties of the product, with the possibility of enhancing the wine with a captivating design on the outer packaging.

How long does the wine last in the bag in box?

Wine packaged with bag in box has a certified life of up to 12 months. This packaging offers excellent performance to improve all stages of the production, storage and distribution of wine products.

How long does the wine in the bag in box last once the valve has been opened? Once it is opened, the wine packaged in the bag in box will last for up to 4–5 weeks, maintaining the quality, flavor and taste of the wine inside.


There are many advantages in packing wine with bag in boxes:

  • Protection from oxidation;
  • Durable and vacuum-sealed packaging;
  • Preservation of the organoleptic properties of wine;
  • Protection form light and temperature changes;
  • Excellent quality-price ratio;
  • Optimization of storage, transport and use of wine products.

Which formats and sizes is the wine bag in box available in?

Bag in boxes for wine are available in different structures and dimension (minimum 3 liters), they are provided with valves to make it easier to fill them and be used by customers.

How do you put the wine in the bag in box?

The wine should be put in the bag in box using specific machinery. By following the guidelines on how to put the wine into the bag in box, it can be stored for up to one year, without changes or any air escaping.