Beyond food packaging films, Volmar Packaging can also supply a vast range of preformed trays suitable for food, which guaranteed a good-looking presentation and a long-life product.

Volmar Packaging offers competitive prices and tailor-made solutions, suitable for each requirement.

Our preformed trays fit for the purpose of packaging long-life products, ready meals, gastronomy products in MAP and pet food.

Volmar Packaging have available a vast range of models and arrangements for food container, using specific films, suitable for each industrial and commercial requirement.


Preformed trays are a convenient and practical solution for food packaging, which is really appreciated due to its several direct applications.

This type of pack offers are high barriered, protecting products from the contamination and the exposure to light and microorganism; their high transparency guarantees also the promotion and the enhancement of product.

Thermoformed trays facilitate every stage od the production prosses of food: logistic, transports, promotion and sale, offering to the customers easy to use packaging for fridge storage, cooking in traditional or microwaves oven. Moreover, preformed trays benefit of an optimal quality price ratio, supplying affordable solution suitable for each budget and requirement.

Size and types of food preformed trays

Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of food preformed trays, among which the most suitable solution can be found.

One of the most common products is rigid performed trays in different materials such as high impact polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or amorph polyester, available with high barrier properties, suitable for packaging in MAP.

Another solution is represented by laminated paper thermoformed trays, a high barriered (suitable for MAP) packaging for food, which guarantee not only a high performance but also environmental sustainability; it is particularly interesting the separable version, which allows to separate plastics from paper once used the packed product.

Eventually, it is possible to choose also eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, with a lower environmental impact, composed by: PLA, MATER BI, or cellulose-derived materials.

Which product can be packed?

Thermoformed trays are quite a versatile product, which can be used for packing:

  • BIO food;
  • Cheese;
  • Treated meat;
  • Gastronomy products in MAP;
  • Fresh pasta in MAP;
  • Ready meal;
  • Pet food.