20-liter bag in boxes are an environmentally friendly, effective and practical solution for packing liquid products that has been designed to meet food industry regulations. This innovative box provides excellent performance for the optimal preservation of wine, sauces and other types of liquids, such as the cosmetic industry or household detergent products.

Features of the 20-liter bag in box

20-liter bag in boxes are a modern packaging solution for liquids, creams and gels. It consists in a highly resistant inner plastic bag made of either metallic, transparent or colored polyethylene. On the outside, there is a cardboard box, an eco-friendly solution that offers high performance in protecting the contents.

The liquid should be inserted into the bag in box using automatic or semi-automatic machines in order to ensure that no air gets into the pack, preventing from contamination by external agents.


There are many advantages to choosing 20L bag in boxes:

  • Advanced protection against bumps and falls;
  • Preservation of the organoleptic properties of the product;
  • Full customization of the outer packaging;
  • Convenient and versatile packaging for retail use;
  • Competitive price to optimize costs;
  • Long-lasting conservation of liquid products.

Bag in box – available sizes

Volmar Packaging offers many different solutions for 20-liter bag in boxes, which are available in several shapes, sizes and configurations. The versatility of this packaging makes it suitable for many different contexts and can be customize according to requirements, including certified products that comply with current regulations.

Which products can be packaged in a 20-liter bag in box?

Various types of liquid products can be packaged in the 20-liter bag in boxes, such as:

  • Oil;
  • Wine;
  • Creams;
  • Sauces;
  • Detergents;
  • Mousse;
  • Fruit juices.

The wide range of options available means that this packaging can be used in various sectors and can be customized according to marketing and advertising strategies. Volmar Packaging is available to provide free quotations with no obligation, in order to get to know more about our dedicated solutions for food product packaging, with high quality guaranteed.