The bag in box is a modern, innovative item of packaging, ideal for storing and transporting liquid or semi-liquid food products and more.

What is the bag in box?

The bag in box is packaging designed for liquid, gel or cream products. This packaging consists of two main elements, an inner bag to store non-solid content and an outer cardboard container to provide added protection, while also facilitating storage and shipping of the product.


The bag in box maintains the quality of the product, preserving its organoleptic properties for the desired shelf-life. It is practical and versatile to use, allowing you to simplify the packaging and transport of your products.

It is also eco-friendly packaging as both materials are 100% recyclable.

Which products can be packaged in the bag in box?

The bag in box is suitable for several different applications: it can be used to package wines, juices and many different types of drinks, including non-solid food products like fruit mousse and sauces. This packaging is also suitable for household products and cosmetics, including detergents and creams.

How do you fill the bag in box?

The bag in box is filled using automatic or semi-automatic machines, to avoid contact with external agents. After inserting the content, the bag is sealed using the dedicated stopper. Finally, it can be placed in the customised outer cardboard box for transport.

Which materials are used in the bag in box?

The bag in box is made using composite materials, usually transparent, coloured or metallized polyethylene for the bag and cardboard for the outer packaging, which are fully recyclable and certified as compliant with the legal standards required for the food industry.

Which formats and sizes is the bag in box available in?

The Volmar bag in box is available in different formats and sizes, starting from 2 litres for the smallest and most compact models, up to a volume of 1000 litres for the biggest.

Structure Examples

From 30 lt to 1000 lt
Equipped with loading and unloading valves

Fields of applications

Fruit Mousse