Packaging suitable for rice, food, cheeses, dried fruit and other food products

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Volmar Packaging offers the best and customized solution for food packaging as our range includes different high-quality technologically-advanced and eco-sustainable solutions, suitable for every requirement.

It is extremely important that food packaging materials guarantee the maximum performance possible in terms of food safety and conservation. Moreover, food packaging is supposed to protect in the best way possible the inner product, preserving it from organoleptic properties changes and during storage and transport.

Food packaging solutions have to be tailor-made, in order to meet the specific requirement of the customer and to guarantee the best performance according to the product.

Choosing a customized product for food packaging allows to optimize productive processes reducing costs and improving the efficiency of the supply chain.
Thanks to our great experience in supplying high-quality products for the most important food industry company, Volmar Packaging knows either the food packaging sector and the requirements of company which works in this sector.

Volmar Packaging offer includes specific solutions for every type of food product: from flexible to laminated-paper films, from rigid films to under vacuum bags.


Moreover, for those company which wants to buy low-environmental-impact packaging with which it is possible to reduce the carbon food print and the usage of plastics, Volmar Packaging offers different ecological and sustainable materials.

Volmar Packaging supplies also bag in box containers for liquid and semi-liquid products, as for instance milk, oil or wine. This is a versatile product as it is available in different size and dimensions from 2-liter to 220-liter. Every product is certified and realised according the highest hygienic and sanitary standards of European and Italian laws, in order to guaranty the maximum food safety.

Volmar Packaging can provide the right solution to safely pack and conserve food products. Contact us in order to find out more about all the different types of food packaging and choose the Volmar Packaging best solutions according to the product requirements either it is cheese or dried fruit, milk or pasta, rice, olive oil or pet food.