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Rigid films are a high-quality food packaging, which ensure long conservation of fresh and perishable products.

Volmar Packaging can offer different forms and structures in order to satisfy the requirements as far as MAP application is concerned.

What are rigid films?

Rigid films are aimed to realize food packaging in order to reach optimal levels of conservation, and they can be used either on all food industry form, fill & seal machine or to produce preformed trays.

Rigid films are suitable for companies that use modern MAP technologies, as they provide high standards of quality, competitive prices and a wide range of solutions for all applications.


The use of rigid film allows to optimize storage performance of perishable products, enhancing the technical features of MAP systems.

Volmar Packaging can also offer “tailor-made” solutions, also in particular and innovative industrial contexts, giving important advantages as far as productivity and product marketing are concerned.

This kind of packaging is also eco-friendly as Volmar Packaging can offer potentially alternative recyclable solution, for instance rigid thermoforming paper high barriered films, which have already been certified for disposal in paper waste sorting.

Materials and dimensions

As far as rigid films are concerned, there is a vast range of food packaging solutions to choose from: transparent, printed, white, peelable or weld seal, suitable for microwaves oven usage or thermic treatment. Here below please find some examples of structures:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS), also high barriered
  • Amorphous polyethylene (APET), also high barriered
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • High impact polyethylene (HIPS)

Many films are made using mixed materials, such as APET/PE rigid films or PP EVOH PP/PE to ensure top performance for any specific application. For instance, PP rigid films for food can also be used in microwaves or for pasteurizing and sterilizing products.

Which products can be packaged with rigid films?

A lot of food products can be packed in rigid films with MAP, particularly fresh and perishable products, for instance: sandwiches, deli products, cut and sliced cheeses. Moreover, rigid films are suitable for packing ready-made dishes, such as snacks, fresh pasta or pet food.

There are specific rigid films for each category of food product, which can ensure high level technical performance and can increase the duration. Volmar Packaging’s expert advisors are available to support customer in the choice of the most suitable food pack for each product, accordingly to companies needs.

Structure Examples


Fields of application

Fresh pasta in ATP
Cured meat and sliced cheeses in ATP
Cheese wedges in ATP
Gastronomy in ATP
Sandwiches in ATP