Volmar Packaging proposal also includes pet food with a vast range of eco-friendly, plastic free and with a lower environmental impact solutions.


High-quality pet food packaging allows to optimally preserve products, guaranteeing the preservation of organoleptic properties, taste and freshness.

A customized packaging is also important in order to propose on the market a line product with the company brand, optimizing marketing strategies and enhancing the aesthetics of pet food products.

Moreover, Volmar Packaging offers eco-friendly alternative packaging to reduce the environmental impact and strengthen the brand ethics, thanks to recyclable and compostable products.

Choosing the best packaging helps to ease supply chain processes, facilitating packaging, stock, transport and sale logistics.

Volmar Packaging products for packaging are compliant to pet food regulations, ensuring high quality standards.

Shape and size of pet food packaging

Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of pet food packaging, featured by different compositions, size and shape, suitable either for retail, or B2B or wholesale.

Volmar Packaging proposes for example coextruded or laminated flexible films, a high resistant material suitable for packing liquid, semi-liquid or solid products.

Another solution for pet food packaging is represented by different type of under vacuum bags: folding, doypack or with classical three sealing, suitable for thermal treatment (pasteurization or sterilization), composed by mono-materials (recyclable).

Our packaging guarantees an improvement in shelf-life pet food products, decreasing food wastes and increasing the conservation.

Recyclable pet food packaging

Volmar Packaging proposes sustainable pet food packaging with innovative solutions for eco-friendly packaging of pet food products.

There are a lot of solutions in different compostable material such as PLA, MATER BI and recyclable materials such as high barrier polyester (APET MONO HB), high barrier mono polyethylene and polypropylene (PE, PP) or thermoformable high barriered film derived by cellulose.

Which pet food can be packed?

Pet food packaging can be used for any kind of pet food such as dog, cat, fish, bird or other pet food. It is possible to obtained tailor-made dry or wet feed, sterilized or pasteurized products.