Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of innovative solutions for ready meals packaging. There are different options which guarantee a longer conservation of fresh and perishable food.


Packaging for ready meals is extremely important in order to protect food from deterioration, preserving its taste and enhancing its good-looking appearance.

According to the needs of the final customer, Volmar Packaging can supply products suitable for microwaves usage, particularly advised for take away food.

There are different solutions as far as materials are concerned: rigid films, for packing in MAP, which allows also the production of preformed trays; laminated paper films, with its respective top film (also in separable version).

Under vacuum bags represent an optimal option because they provide a high barrier to protect from external agents, optimally preserving the packed food.

Alternatively, it is possible to choose laminated or coextruded flexible films also in a recognized as potentially recyclable version.

Volmar Packaging proposal includes also green solution, for a lower environmental impact, such as: sustainable eco-packaging composed by PLA, MATER BI, paper (also high barriered) or mono polymer packaging such as high barrier mono polyester films (APET HB MONO).

Size for gastronomy products packaging

Packaging for gastronomy products is available in different sizes, configurations and structures suitable for every requirement as far as packaging, conservation, transport and sale of fresh products and ready meal are concerned.  Volmar Packaging proposes customized and tailor-made solutions in order to meet every requirement.

One of the most popular option is represented by preformed trays composed by different materials: rigid films, polypropylene (PP) suitable for micro waves use, skin pack, top films, multi-layer bags, doypack or flowpack.

Which food products can be packed with gastronomy product packaging?

Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of films, suitable for different products: pizza, sandwich, bread,… It is also possible to conserve ready meal for take away or food delivery services, in order to optimally preserve meals.