Packaging for pasta is supposed to guarantee the optimal balance between an optimal food conservation, an as easiest as possible transport handling and an appropriate aesthetics of food.

Among Volmar Packaging’s proposals there are a lot of solution for packaging pasta, suitable for every requirement.

Material for packing pasta

There are a lot of material suitable for packing pasta, either traditional films or eco-sustainable films, in order to enhance the plastic free approach of the company.

The most accessible and versatile solution is represented by rigid films, suitable for food and composed by different polymers: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) or amorph polyester (APET), available also with high barrier.

An alternative is represented by flexible films, composed either by conventional structures (PET/PP – OPA/PP), or thermo shrink materials (TOP LID HB AF) or potentially recyclable materials (mono polymers).

Laminated paper is indicated for packing product in MAP and ready meals; Volmar Packaging offers as a matter of facts an FSC® certified paper either normal or with high barrier, also recognized in B category by Aticelca®.

Volmar Packaging offers bags for packaging pasta such as doypack bags, a technical customized packaging with a multi-layer structure, compliant to a long conservation and characterized by a barrier which guarantees to preserve freshness and taste of the product.

There are also eco-sustainable products in mono polyester (APET MONO), in PLA, in MATER BI and cellulose derived materials.

Packaging for dry pasta

Volmar Packaging proposes ideal flexible, customized and potentially recyclable packaging for dry pasta.

Alternatively, there are paper ecologic packaging, which are suitable for long and short pasta, such as separable paper and transparent plastics trays.

Type of packaging for pasta

Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of packaging for pasta, which allows to choose among different types of solutions, guaranteeing excellent conservation standard for perishable products. It deals either with rigid thermoformable and high barriered films, certified as suitable for paper waste sorting, or with mono material trays, such as in polypropylene (PP) with plastics sealing or peeling closure.

Design of pasta packaging

An important feature for packaging for pasta is design, which is supposed to be as impeccable as possible in order to enhance the brand of the product.

Volmar Packaging proposes customizable solutions in order to communicate in an effective way brand value and improve the aesthetics of the products.