Volmar Packaging provides several packaging solutions suitable for all requirements connected to olive oil. Volmar Packaging provides technical support to its customer so that they choose and customize their olive oil packaging according to their requirements.

One of the most popular alternatives is pouches for olive oil, which represent the ideal solution for storing long-life and fresh products. They are available in an effective 3-weld structure for vacuum-sealing, which guarantee the optimal preservation of the freshness of the product.

Volmar Packaging offers a vast range of pouches, either in laminated or coextruded films. We also offer recyclable mono-material packaging that ensures a high barrier against external agents. They are multi-layer films that provide an optimal preservation and are suitable for up-to-8-colour high-definition printing making them fully customizable.

Eco-friendly olive oil packaging represents an optimal solution in order to promote also the brand ethics of companies, proving that they pay attention to environmental issues without neglecting the protection and the preservation of the product.


Volmar Packaging solutions for olive oil offers a number of advantages:

  • a wide choice among different types of packaging;
  • environmentally friendly alternatives;
  • excellent value for money;
  • possibility of customizing the packaging;
  • excellent product preservation.

There is a wide range of different solution among each customer can choose from according to the industrial and commercial requirements. It is also possible to choose “green” packaging to reduce the carbon footprint and promote the bran sustainability.

All of our products are excellent value for money, offering competitive packaging from a financial perspective. We can provide bespoke packaging for all operational needs, to optimize processes and preserve the organoleptic properties of olive oil in the long term.

Olive Pouch Dimensions

The olive pouches are available in various dimensions, shapes and sizes, with the possibility of requesting the perfect packaging for all purposes, from retail sale to wholesale. We offer individual packaging according to the needs of each company.

Which olives can be packaged?

Volmar Packaging offer includes different solution for any type of olive oil suitable for every need in order to maintain freshness and taste of all kinds of olive oil, such us:

  • Ascolana tenera;
  • Giarraffa;
  • Nocellara del Belice,
  • Bella di Cerignola;
  • Santa Caterina;
  • Sant’Agostino;
  • etc…