Volmar Packaging proposes innovative solutions for milk packaging with a complete line, purposely designed for milk conservation, transport and sale.

Milk packaging evolution

Milk is one of the most common products, with high nutritional properties, symbol of health and taste.

Firstly, milk packaging was composed by aluminium, with handle and top, in which great quantities of product was stocked for retail sale, although it was quite expensive and unpractical.

Then, milk started to be stocked in glass bottle, hermetically closed with an aluminium top; an advantage was that the packaging was recyclable after being sterilized but, on the other hand, it was quite fragile, expensive and bulky.

Moreover, milk was packed in waked paper rigid container, in order to decrease the packaging weight and make it easier to handle.

Eventually, Tetra Pack, PET bottles and innovative eco-sustainable solutions started being used.

Innovative solutions for eco-friendly packaging

New packaging for milk includes a vast range of innovative, versatile and eco-sustainable solutions. It deals with materials which guarantee a higher respect for the environment, higher possibilities of customizing and enhancing the products, assuring an optimal protection of the inner product, preserving the taste, the freshness and the organoleptic properties of milk.

A really popular solution is represented by bag-in-box, composed by an inner multi-layer and high resistant bag and an outer rigid component, such as a paper box or a keg.

This solution is highly recommended to meet different requirements as it is an optimal packaging for producers, wholesaler and retail seller.

Moreover, stand-up packaging for milk is getting more and more popular as they are simply to use, practical and they represent an ideal solution for packing edible liquid products such as milk. They are composed by high quality films which guarantees no contaminations on the contained liquid, avoiding the contact with light and enhancing the aesthetics of the products.

Size for milk packaging

According to the milk quality, Volmar Packaging offers different sizes, configurations and models of bag-in-box. For example, there are three, five or ten litre bag-in-boxes suitable either for retail and wholesale.

Moreover, Stand-up packaging offers solutions suitable for every application from 0,75 litre suitable for retail sail to higher quantity for B2B until 5 litre and 10 litres suitable for wholesale.

Volmar Packaging proposes also customized packaging for milk, with tailor-made solutions suitable for every commercial and practical necessity.

Which type of milk can be packed?

Volmar Packaging offers solutions suitable for powdered milk, condensed milk and beverage with lactose, cow milk and fresh or pasteurized milk.

This type of packaging is suitable for packing fruit juice, wine, vegetal oil and detergents.