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Volmar Packaging offers an innovative solution for liquid products: Super Pouches. They represent a modern, practical and versatile stand-up option. This unique technology is convenient and gives advantages as far as packaging, transport and preservation of liquids are concerned.

What is the Super Pouch?

Super Pouches represent and innovative stand-up packaging, composed by a multi-layer laminated material. Super pouches can be fully customized according to the customer requirements and the feature of the product that will be packed.

The Super Pouch is made of high-quality films which guarantee a resistant and flexible structure. As well as having an exceptional oxygen barrier, the packaging is practical for the consumer to use and it can optimize filling processes thanks to the T-Tap system.

Super Pouches preserve the product from humidity, light and temperature changes, in order to avoid any changes on the organoleptic properties of the product and ensure an optimal taste after opening. The outer packaging is original, modern and colorful, with endless configurations to choose from.


The Super Pouch packaging offers various advantages for the packaging of liquid food products:

  • excellent preservation of the quality of the products;
  • high oxygen barrier;
  • exceptional resistance to external agents;
  • high customizability;
  • resistant and flexible packaging;
  • storage and transport optimization.

This stand-up packaging ensures the long-term preservation of the products, even after opening, due to the high oxygen barrier.

Using Super Pouches, it is possible to save on the costs of storage, shipping and transport, with important advantages for operational management. The packaging does not contaminate the flavor or the smell of the food, providing high protection of the organoleptic properties of the products packaged with this technology.

It is a modern and attractive packaging that can increase the appeal of products and enhance corporate marketing strategies. Super Pouches offer lots of possibility as far as customizability is concerned, with more space for advertising graphics compared to other types of packaging.

Dimensions of the Super Pouches

The Super Pouch is available in various shapes and configurations, with the possibility of requesting personalized stand-up packaging. Volmar Packaging offer a vast range Super Pouches: from 0.75 liters up to 10 liters, with options suitable for retail and wholesale.

Which food can be packaged?

The Super Pouch can be used to package a range of types of liquid food products, including:

  • water;
  • fruit juices;
  • condensed milk;
  • wine;
  • oil;
  • milk;
  • etc…