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Flexible food packaging is a type of packaging that can be modified easily thanks to the unique composition of polymers used to make it. It is versatile yet resistant packaging, suitable for various types of food products.

What is flexible food packaging?

Flexible food packaging is a type of packaging that is not rigid: it can adapt to the shape and size of the product it contains.

Examples of flexible food packaging include vacuum-sealed bags, pouches, shrink-wrap films, COEX films, etc. The packaging is generally made from flexible film rolls, with the option to use different materials and create various structures for food product packaging.


Flexible packaging can be made from different plastic polymers, such as polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyamide nylon (OPA) and other polymers. Flexible packaging is often made from several types of polymers, like PET/PP, PET/PE or OPA/PE packaging; however, other monomers can be used.

One particular type of flexible packaging for the food & beverage sector is the bag in box, a modern and innovative type of packaging used for liquid and semi-liquid products (wine, sauces, oil, fruit mousse). The outer layer of the bag in box is a cardboard box, while the inner packaging is made from plastic composite materials like polyethylene.

The main characteristics of flexible food packaging are lightness, safety and resistance, qualities that are very popular in the food industry. This packaging optimizes productivity and improves transport efficiency, with benefits for manufacturers and advantages that are also reflected in the price for the end consumer.

Flexible food packaging stores products and makes transport and purchase more practical, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene in order to perfectly preserve the food’s freshness, consistency, taste and shape. High-quality flexible food packaging extends the useful life of the contents and can be customized to enhance the product marketing and provide all the necessary information on the food label.

Which foods are suitable for flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging can be used to package various types of foods. Specifically, special packaging can be produced for long-life products, pet food, fresh and perishable foods, deli products and also vacuum-sealed food in MAP.

The uses of flexible packaging range from cold meats, cheese and dairy products, frozen foods, fresh pasta and vacuum-sealed rice, to nuts, olives and mushrooms. Depending on the structure, they can also package pasteurized and sterilized products, plus liquids and powders.

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