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The packaging of fruit and vegetable products is a process governed by specific regulations to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards for consumers. Packaging used for fruit and vegetables must also preserve the product perfectly.

The aim of fruit and vegetable packaging is to maintain the freshness of the contents, while simultaneously protecting the fruit and vegetables from external agents and contaminants. To comply with these standards, special materials are used to package fruit and vegetables, as well as specific packaging machines to make the process safe and efficient.

Fruit and vegetable packaging: how it works

There are several methods and technologies used to package fruit and vegetables, including fruit and vegetable packaging in a tray. This process involves measuring out a certain amount of the product in the container and then applying a heat-sealed plastic film to close the packaging securely and protect the contents until the point of consumption.

Another alternative is to package fruit and vegetable products in a bag, using flow pack packaging, for example. This packaging method is versatile and reliable, and involves wrapping the product and sealing the packaging carefully. The graphics on the outer packaging can also be customized.

In this case, a special plastic film is used to fully wrap the products that pass along the belt. After the fruit and vegetable products are wrapped, they are put in a second piece of packaging, usually a sealed bag. This outer packaging is designed to increase the shelf-life and protect the products from the action of external agents.

In both cases, depending on the type of fruit and vegetable packaging machine used, it is also possible to opt for modified atmosphere packaging, adding this function to the packaging process. This option is recommended for IV range products, which are fresh fruit and vegetables packaged and ready for consumption as they have already been washed and dried.

The best fruit and vegetable packaging machines

There are various types of machines available for fruit and vegetable packaging, with dedicated solutions for small and medium-sized companies, to more complex and advanced machines to meet the needs of large companies. The majority of models are automatic or semi-automatic horizontal packaging machines, in which products pass along a specific belt and are wrapped and packaged.

This is the case with tray packaging machines, for example, where the product is measured to fill the container and the packaging is closed with a film. Another of the most popular models is flow pack packaging machines, which can package fruit and vegetables in various shapes, formats and sizes, operating in humid conditions, too.

The structure of fruit and vegetable packaging machines is usually made from stainless steel, a material that is easy to clean and ensures high standards of hygiene in the packaging process. The machines can also have specific optional extras and functions, such as perforators fitted directly on the frame or integrated labeling systems.

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