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Automatic packaging machines are cutting-edge, high-tech machines that offer an efficient and beneficial solution for packaging a wide range of products. An automatic packaging machine can apply a seal that is easy to open but at the same time is highly resistant in order to preserve the product optimally.

It is a modern and innovative solution for food packaging as it ensures high standards in terms of safety, productivity and the robustness of the packaging. It also offers excellent benefits when it comes to value for money.

Automatic packaging machines: what they are and how they work

An automatic packaging machine enables the fast, hygienic and convenient packaging of products, limiting human intervention to just a few complex steps during the packaging process. It is an entirely different approach to manual packaging, where the tasks are carried out solely by staff with the help of some materials.

To understand how an automatic packaging machine works, it is important to distinguish between horizontal and vertical models. Horizontal models are the most widespread. They weld a roll of film with transverse and longitudinal welds to create the packaging while the products pass along the belt – the speed of which can be adjusted. They can also wrap products.

Vertical automatic packaging machines, on the other hand, have a special pipe with an integrated system that manages the supply of the heat-sealable material, e.g. polypropylene or polyethylene rolls. These machines are generally used for products that are measured out, like coffee in capsules or pods, and they can even have several welded points.

Which foods can they package?

Anyone who wants to know what you can package with an automatic packaging machine should be aware that they can be used to package many types of food products and other goods. In the food sector, automatic packaging machines can create packaging for:

  • Fruit and vegetable products
  • Baked goods like bread and pizza
  • Cereal bars and chocolate bars
  • Biscuits and snacks
  • Deli products in vacuum-sealed bags and MAP.

Automatic packaging is suitable for many types of packaging, such as pillow boxes or folding boxes, trays with rigid films and packaging with a side seal or zip. Automatic packaging machines are also suitable for modified atmosphere packaging, producing excellent results in terms of safety and hygiene.

Why package foods using automatic packaging machines?

One of the advantages of automatic packaging machines is that they make packaging processes more efficient, which brings benefits in terms of increased productivity and cost savings. The absence or reduction of manual intervention ensures higher levels of safety at the site, with less risk of incidents and the possibility of speeding things up without endangering employees.

Automating packaging achieves higher standards of hygiene and cleanliness, reducing the risk of contamination during the product packaging process. It also means that staff can work on more useful tasks like quality control – tasks that require precision and human skill – or palletization of ready products.

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