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The food packaging sector is constantly evolving, with an increasing focus on sustainability and safety. Within this context, the Aticelca certification is a recognition of cellulose-based products (paper and cardboard) that passed an evaluation of their level of recyclability.

Regulations and standards: the Aticelca certification in depth

The Aticelca certification is based on the Aticelca evaluation system 501/2019, which is a voluntary evaluation of the recyclability of cellulose-based products.

The Aticelca evaluation system 501/2019 involves a series of laboratory tests that simulate the conditions in which paper is recycled in paper mills. The tests assess various aspects of the recyclability of packaging, including:

  • The separation of components: products must be easy to separate so they can be efficiently recycled;
  • The cleaning of components: the product’s components must be cleaned of any food residue or other materials so they can be recycled;
  • The components’ physical properties: the product components must have the physical properties required to be effectively recycled.

Based on the test results, the products are categorized into four levels of recyclability:

  • C: low recyclability
  • B: sufficient recyclability
  • A: good recyclability
  • A+: excellent recyclability

If the product falls into one of these categories, it means that it can be collected with paper and recycled in paper mills, aiding the advancement of the circular economy.

Food safety: the key role of the Aticelca certification

The Aticelca certification is also important to ensure the food safety of cellulose-based products. Aticelca-certified products comply with current food safety regulations, particularly EC Regulation 1935/2004.

This regulation establishes the requirements that materials and objects in contact with food must meet to ensure their safety and therefore protect consumers’ health.

Advantages and applications: paper packaging assurance and quality

There are many advantages in adopting the Aticelca certification for food packaging. Firstly, it gives manufacturers the assurance that they are using sustainable materials that comply with environmental standards.
Also, applying the Aticelca certification to packaging processes makes companies more competitive on the market. Consumers are increasingly aware and informed, so the presence of quality certifications is something that influences their purchasing choices.
Finally, the certification applies to a wide range of cellulose-based products, including:

  • Food packaging
  • Drinks packaging
  • Pharmaceutical product packaging
  • Industrial product packaging

Volmar Packaging has specialized in food packaging services for over 20 years and offers the Aticelca certification with the right to use the Aticelca 501 recyclable with paper mark.

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