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The new main goal in food packaging is sustainability in order to reduce the environmental impact of food packaging and promoting the recycle according to circular economy principles.

Nowadays, as a matter of facts the ecological motivation is remarkable either for consumers and for institutions.

Thanks to technological innovation and scientific investigation it is now possible to choose green alternatives for food packaging, which allow to safely pack food. Let’s see which are the sustainable material available nowadays thanks to scientific and technological progresses in food packaging.

Innovation and sustainability in food packaging

The ecological transition is involving the food packaging sector in a major way and represents an exponentially growing trend as far as new European legislation and consumer awareness are concerned. Nowadays choosing an eco-friendly packaging is almost unavoidable.

There is, as a matter of fact, the tendency of substituting step-by-step traditional material with new and green solutions as for instance compostable food packaging material, recyclable packaging and biodegradable packs.

Sustainable and innovative materials include natural plastic films and recyclable low-waste products in order to encourage the recycle.

Advantages of sustainable food packaging

Choosing an ecological packaging is surely a convenient solution. As a matter of fact, despite some technical difficulties, this choice guarantees some important advantages:

  • Major enhancement of the brand;
  • Development of company marketing;
  • Increase of the customer loyalty;
  • New customer acquisition.

 Food packaging innovative and sustainable solution

Nowadays, there is a vast range of solutions in terms of sustainable food packaging. One of the most innovative materials is PLA (polylactic acid), which is completely compostable and biodegradable since it derives from corn.

Among innovative food packaging materials there is also PET (polyester) which is a recyclable plastic-based material featured by high transparency, to enhance the product aesthetics. Another sustainable solution is represented by thermoformable paper, suitable for packing fresh food products, which is totally recyclable and compostable after removing the plastics components.

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