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Fruit juices are extremely popular drinks for all ages as they are practical, tasty and refreshing products. According to the latest data, 765 million liters a year are consumed in Italy alone, which equates to an average of 13 liters per person in Italy.

One aspect that requires special attention is fruit juice packaging, because as well as making the product appealing it must provide an adequate barrier effect and preserve the product perfectly. Let’s see some tips about packaging fruit juices and the best materials to use.

Packaging for fruit juices

Fruit juices are products that require special consideration during the packaging process. Organic, 100% fruit or nectar, with food additives, with pulp, smooth or semi-liquid, fruit juices can be bottled at room temperature or hot.

Special machines and materials are required to package these products to ensure maximum quality and hygiene and prevent any kind of contamination. First and foremost, the process requires hoppers with dosers to fill the packaging securely with the precise amount.

Capping machines are also required to close the packaging and labeling machines to apply the food label, which is a key part of the packaging that provides all the necessary information for consumers. It’s also important to use materials that are suitable for fruit juice packaging, to meet the product’s production and storage needs.

How to guarantee freshness and quality

In order to guarantee the quality and freshness of fruit juices, it’s important to carefully select the packaging materials for these liquid, semi-liquid and thick food products. One of these materials is glass, whose benefits are its recyclability and transparency, but it’s also an expensive, delicate and bulky material.

An alternative is PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic packaging, which doesn’t have some of the drawbacks of glass and is resistant, practical and manageable, as well as being a fully recyclable plastic.

It is also possible to use bag in box packaging for fruit juices, which consists of an inner bag made of a composite material (generally polyethylene), which contains the product, and an outer cardboard box that protects it and facilitates transport and use. Bag in box packaging is available in various formats and sizes, and the graphics can be customized.

Tips about fruit juice packaging

When packaging fruit juices, it’s important to keep in mind the product’s unique features and its market positioning. The packaging must be robust, not too heavy and able to preserve the product with an adequate barrier effect, protecting it from light, moisture and external temperatures.

At the same time, the packaging must facilitate storage and transport, be easy to display on shelves in shops and be convenient and practical for consumers after purchase. The packaging must also provide all mandatory information and be vibrant and appealing to enhance the product through an effective marketing strategy.

Volmar Packaging offers efficient, high-quality and professional solutions for packaging fruit juices, ensuring impeccable storage and offering numerous customization options for the graphics. Our innovative packaging includes bag in box packaging from 3 to 20 liters, ideal for preserving the organoleptic properties of fruit juices and simplifying the packaging process.

We also offer Super Pouches: new-generation stand-up pouches with a flexible yet resistant structure, a T-Tap system to make them easy to fill and a large space for customized graphics. There are also environmentally sustainable options available for those who want to reduce their environmental impact with eco-friendly packaging for fruit juices.

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