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Food packaging is the set of materials and products used to package, preserve and transport foods. They fall under the group of “Materials and Objects in Contact with Food’’, also known by the acronym MOCA. In order to guarantee products are safe and protected, packaging must be made in line with the regulations and standards that we will explore in more depth in this article.

The importance of effective food packaging

When it comes to packaging and the effective preservation of food, special attention must be paid to the materials and products used.

The European Union’s regulations are very strict when it comes to the suitability of food packaging, to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances that could endanger the end consumer’s health or spoil the packaged food product.

Food packaging: the regulations

The regulation that governs MOCA is (EC) No. 1935/2004, which aims to establish that all materials and objects in contact with food are made using good manufacturing practices to protect the food from contact with toxic substances that could be harmful to the end consumer.

Specifically, it aims to ensure that the materials:

  • Are not a danger to the consumer’s health;
  • Do not modify the consistency or flavor of the food;
  • Do not cause the deterioration of the food’s properties.

Complying with these principles means that food products can be put on sale safely.

Good practices for companies

Companies must be sure to respect the regulations and communicate all relevant information to the reseller and the end consumer on the packaging label.

In addition to the previous mentioned regulation, manufacturers must also comply with EC regulation No. 2023/2006, which refers to a series of safety requirements and practices for MOCA.

Manufacturers must ensure that:

  • The materials are suitable for the production process;
  • Their factories comply with the law and have qualified staff;
  • The quality and control systems are efficient and innovative.

In recent years, with the rising interest in environmental protection and sustainability, manufacturers have begun to pay even more attention to the recycling of packaging and the use of high-quality raw materials.

There is a large focus on the use of plastic food packaging, which is currently the most widely used type of packaging in the food sector.

In order to avoid penalties, damage to the company’s reputation or wasted resources, it is now more important than ever to consult food packaging professionals who can provide solutions that comply with the regulations and are safe and customizable.

Since 2003, Volmar Packaging has been supplying professional packaging for food products. With our support, companies can find the right packaging and solutions for all types of food, with a focus on preservation, customization and compliance with the regulations in force.

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