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In an increasingly busy world, there is often little time to prepare dishes and meals. This is why cook-in packaging can be considered the “savior of modern cooking.”

Let’s see what it is and how it can be used by companies for food packaging and by consumers to cook quickly without sacrificing flavor.

Cook-in packaging: what it is and how it is made

The evolution of cook-in packaging is interlinked with the need to simplify the meal preparation process. The first experiments date back several decades but only recently have we seen a real revolution in the design and production of materials that can be used during cooking.

Cook-in packaging is made with materials suitable for food contact and high temperatures. These materials – often advanced polymer films – are designed to withstand the heat of an oven or microwave, ensuring maximum safety and practicality.

How cook-in packaging preserves food and seasoning

Cook-in packaging must also maintain the organoleptic properties of the food during cooking, preserving the flavor, color and aroma of the food. Continuous research has led to the development of packaging that can withstand cooking temperatures without compromising food safety or the flavor of food. The packaging’s hermetic design helps to preserve the aromas and flavors.

Cook-in packaging: convenient, affordable and green

Cook-in packaging is a convenient and affordable packaging solution because it allows people to cook food inside its packaging. Therefore, it is particularly useful for companies that produce and package foods that are ready to eat prior to cooking.

It is also a sustainable type of packaging because products packaged using cook-in technology can also be cooked in a microwave or an appliance that consumes less energy than ovens or stoves.

Practical, safe and sustainable, our cook-in packaging reflects Volmar Packaging’s commitment to offering a range of specific products in the packaging sector to allow companies to select the ideal packaging to meet their business needs.

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