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Thermoformable paper is a packaging solution for food products. Composed by 89% paper, it can be recycled and therefore contributes to the circular economy. In this article, let’s analyze the characteristics, benefits and evolution of this unique food packaging system.

What is thermoformable paper?

Thermoformable paper is an innovative and eco-friendly type of packaging that stands out for the extraordinary thermal flexibility of the material. Mainly composed by natural fibers and thermoplastic resins, it is designed to stick to the surface of products thanks to the use of heat in the packaging phase. Due to its specifications, thermoformable paper can be used in various sectors and is particularly recommended for food packaging.

Thermoformable paper: characteristics and uses

As well as being a flexible material, thermoformable paper allows companies to create bespoke packaging for specific products. When required, it can be printed with striking designs to make products more appealing. It is also a robust material that protects goods from shock and other damage that could occur during transport.

In the food sector, thermoformable paper is mainly used to package fresh food safely and without damaging the product’s appearance and quality.

Thermoformable paper: all the advantages

There are many advantages of using thermoformable paper in packaging. Its ability to adapt to the contours of products reduces material waste, making it a sustainable packaging solution. It is also a lightweight type of packaging, which facilitates the transport, storage and distribution of goods.

Its effective barrier against moisture and external agents ensures that the packaged product remains fresh and intact, preserving all its organoleptic properties in compliance with regulations on food contact.

Thermoformable paper is, therefore, an innovative solution in the packaging world. Volmar Packaging provides professional packaging for food products, with 20 years of experience and expertise. We can help companies find custom thermformable paper packaging solutions that comply with food packaging regulations and are meet your business needs.

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