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Bag in Box for wine packaging is an innovative and affordable type of packaging for companies that produce wine for large-scale distribution. It consists in a plastic bag that is suitable for contact with food products. This bag is contained in a cardboard box, which protects the goods and facilitates transport.

Bag in box packaging was first sold in 1965 thanks to Thomas Angove, who used it for his wine-producing company Angove, which still exists on the market today.

Bag in box for wine: when to choose it

Bag in box packaging is practical and can be an ideal solution in various contexts: for private use by consumers, in catering services at events or in restaurants.

There are several formats on the market to cater to different needs: for example, Volmar Packaging sells bag in box packaging in 3L, 5L, 10L or 20-liter formats. This type of packaging is suitable for the distribution and transport of red, white and rosé wines but not sparkling wines.

Bag in box for wine: characteristics and practical advantages

One of the distinctive characteristics of this type of packaging is that it provides a barrier against oxygen. The use of the external cardboard box also protects the contents from light, which could otherwise compromise the quality of the wine.

As it is equipped with a practical tap, it makes it easier to pour the drink, while the shape and structure of the Bag in Box facilitates transport and storage.

In summary, bag in box packaging for wine offers many advantages:

  • It protects the wine from light;
  • It facilitates the transport and storage of the product;
  • It helps to preserve the organoleptic properties;
  • It is excellent value for money;
  • It is resistant and vacuum-sealed packaging.

Does Bag in Box packaging preserve wine well?

One common question often asked about Bag in Box packaging is how long wine can be stored inside it. High-quality bag-in-box packaging for wine has a certified product duration of 12 months when the packaging is sealed. Once opened, the wine lasts for 4–5 weeks.

The proper preservation of this product is also ensured by using innovative machinery that packages the wine without compromising its properties. Volmar Packaging’s Bag in Box packaging ensures the optimal preservation of wines in all phases of production, storage, transport, and distribution of the product.

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