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Food packaging can be made using different processes depending on the type of product and the required preservation time. Each method requires specific packaging to optimize the production process and maintain the product’s properties as much as possible.

What are the different food packaging methods?

Food can be packaged in a modified atmosphere, where the air inside the packaging is replaced with a different gas like a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen. This process preserves the quality of the product, protecting the food from contamination and making it fresher at the time of consumption.

Another type of food packaging in a modified atmosphere is achieved using a high oxygen content. This is not suitable for highly fatty foods but is recommended for products like tuna and red meat. Skin technology, on the other hand, is used for frozen foods and fresh products, offering a long shelf life as the product is enclosed in a specific film like a second skin.

Foods that do not require a long shelf life can be packaged without modified atmosphere packaging. They are suitable for packaging made from single- or multi-layer laminates, compatible with tray sealers and thermoform packaging, which protects the product from moisture, UV rays and mechanical stress.

Examples of food packaging

One example of food packaging is vacuum-sealed packaging, a technique that increases the shelf life by stopping oxidation. This also prevents foods from losing their flavor over time, slowing down organic deterioration and preserving the organoleptic properties of raw or cooked products.

Vacuum-sealed packaging is made using special machinery, fixing the product to the packaging to protect it from mechanical stress and optimizing space, using technical packaging like vacuum bags. The end result is an optimally preserved product that is perfectly safe and easy to transport to points of sale.

For modified atmosphere packaging, you can use filling and welding machines that can operate with different types of materials and film or disc packaging. The process can be fully or partially automated and can be used with a number of food products like deli products, using materials like flexible films, laminate and COEX.

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