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Bread packaging must perfectly preserve the product, its quality and freshness for as long as possible. Discover the main bread packaging systems for the perfect packaging for this food product.

How to package bread

There are various bread packaging solutions out there. Bakery products can be packaged in a modified atmosphere to extend the shelf life of fresh or cooked food, replacing the air inside the packaging with a mixture of inert gases.

In this case, you can also use packaging materials like flexible films, which are also suitable for products that require the use of an oven. We also recommend rigid films, which are ideal for bakery products packaged in MAP, with many different structures to choose from.

Bread packaging can also be vacuum-sealed, a method that keeps the product fresh for a long time and creates an optimal barrier effect. Our vacuum bags, for example, are compatible with modified atmosphere packaging to keep the product unaltered and well protected.

It is also possible to package bread with the flow pack method using trays or pillow bags. Flow pack packaging can be used for baked products like panini, brioche and breadsticks, offering quick and flexible packaging that optimizes the preservation process.

Shrink-wrap bread packaging

Another very widely used bread packaging method is shrink-wrap packaging, which is sealed packaging with a modern, attractive look. All it involves is putting the product in the machine, wrapping it in a special film and applying heat, sealing the packaging with a special heat-sealed bar.

The transparent film has high mechanical resistance, a low cost, and the transparency enhances the look of the product. Generally made from polyethylene or polypropylene, the shrink-wrap film is a secure and versatile material, perfect for perishable foods like bread and bakery products and suitable for packaging with manual or automatic machines.

How to choose the right bread packaging

A number of factors should be considered in order to choose the right bread packaging. These include the level of production, the type of bakery products that will be handled and their preservation requirements, not to mention sales initiatives and marketing strategies.

At Volmar, we offer customized bread packaging solutions, with packaging designed especially to hold these products. We also provide dedicated support, including a range of sustainable packaging products to package bread in an eco-friendly way and reduce the environmental impact.

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