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Takeaway food has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have a restaurant, bar or home delivery business, it is often a good idea to offer a takeaway and delivery service. In this article, let’s see the key elements for effective takeaway food packaging.

Takeaway food packaging: important characteristics

Takeaway food packaging plays an important role in the catering and transport industry. It must be designed to meet specific needs, such as food preservation, practicality for the customer and brand promotion, whilst ensuring food safety regulations are respected.
Takeaway food packaging is much more than a simple box or container. It must represent the brand and ensure that the food remains fresh and safe.
Customization is key: the packaging should reflect the restaurant’s identity, and the logo and name should be clearly visible.

The most suitable materials for takeaway food packaging

It is crucial to choose the right materials for successful food packaging. They must keep the food fresh and meet food safety standards. Today, there are various options to choose from.
Cardboard is a popular choice for takeaway food packaging because it is lightweight, cheap and recyclable. However, it is not very resistant to moisture, leaking liquids or oils from certain foods.
The use of recyclable materials is also becoming more and more important. Switching to sustainable materials not only demonstrates a company’s environmental responsibility but it can also attract customers who care about environmental issues relating to packaging.
Biodegradable plastic packaging is becoming increasingly popular as it is made with materials that can decompose over time in the environment. Meanwhile, compostable packaging refers to containers made with compostable materials, such as cornstarch or sugar cane, which can be disposed of with organic waste (like wooden cutlery, for example).

5 tips for effective takeaway food packaging

Designing takeaway packaging correctly requires attention to detail. Here are five tips on how to improve it:

  1. Customization: as mentioned above, it is essential to customize the packaging. Use the brand’s colors, logos and slogan to stand out from the competition;
  2. Resistance and safety: ensuring that the packaging is robust and safe to prevent leaks and damage during transport;
  3. Convenience: it’s important to ensure that the packaging is easy for the customer to handle. Include utensils (e.g. cutlery, serviettes, etc.), if necessary;
  4. Sustainable materials: making sure to use eco-friendly materials to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging;
  5. Clear information: providing clear instructions for heating or preparing the food, as well as nutritional information when necessary.

Volmar Packaging offers sustainable food packaging solutions that are ideal for restaurants and bars providing takeaway food services.

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