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Buffalo mozzarella is one of the most popular products in Italian cuisine and an exquisite example of the Made in Italy agrifood sector. However, to keep it in perfect condition, you need to know how to store buffalo mozzarella correctly, both fresh buffalo mozzarella and vacuum-sealed buffalo mozzarella.

Optimal storage prevents changes to the flavor and consistency of buffalo mozzarella, ensuring that consumption is safe and preventing bacterial contamination of the food. We’ll look at how to store fresh buffalo mozzarella properly and the processes involved in storing vacuum-sealed mozzarella in a safe and hygienic way.

Tips on how to store buffalo mozzarella

Special measures should be taken when storing buffalo mozzarella because it is a delicate, perishable product. To prevent changes to the nutritional and organoleptic properties of mozzarella, it is best to store it naturally, keeping it in its packaging and immersed in its whey. Then it can last a few days with no changes to the flavor or quality of the product.

You can store buffalo mozzarella outside of the refrigerator so that it does not become rubbery or lose its unmistakable taste. Of course, it is important to choose a cool, dark place, protecting it from sunlight, humidity and high temperatures. Fresh buffalo mozzarella should be consumed within a few days of purchase because the shelf life is quite short compared to other types of cheese.

However, once the packaging has been opened, if you can’t eat the whole buffalo mozzarella, you should store it in portions in the freezer, putting it in clean, well-sealed bags. Sunlight and the refrigerator spoil buffalo mozzarella so it is best not to store this product in the refrigerator or in a place exposed to sunlight; instead, choose cool, dry places protected from external agents.

Vacuum-sealed buffalo mozzarella

Vacuum-sealed mozzarella is a product that has the air removed from the packaging, which creates a protective atmosphere, removing oxygen from the packaging. This can extend the shelf life to reduce food waste, protect the food from oxidation and delay its natural spoilage.

When buffalo mozzarella is in vacuum packaging, it can be stored in the refrigerator until the expiration date indicated on the product’s food label. It generally has a long shelf life thanks to the barrier effect achieved by the vacuum packaging, which protects the food from pathogens and natural oxidation.

This type of packaging uses specific food packaging materials, including vacuum-sealed tubs or bags. These ensure the optimal preservation of buffalo mozzarella, even for long periods. Vacuum-sealed mozzarella can also be stored in the freezer but it is important to make sure the packaging is sealed properly and is not damaged before freezing it.

The food packaging industry is studying new, innovative materials for buffalo mozzarella storage, to extend the shelf life of perishable foods without damaging their organoleptic properties. For example, researchers from the Italian National Research Council are testing packaging that could help to preserve fresh mozzarella for up to 10 to 15 days, by studying advanced polysaccharide-based packaging.

How long does buffalo mozzarella last in vacuum packaging?

Let’s look at how long mozzarella lasts in vacuum packaging. In this case, buffalo mozzarella can last for up to 30 days but it depends on the procedures followed, the materials used for the packaging and the characteristics of the mozzarella. Always follow the instructions on the food label, such as expiration dates and recommended storage methods.

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, on the other hand, can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 to 4 days. In any case, it is always best to consume it as soon as possible. It can last a few days longer if kept in the refrigerator but some of the product’s organoleptic properties can be lost in this case. In the freezer, mozzarella lasts for up to a maximum of 6 months and this limit should never be exceeded.

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