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The organoleptic quality of food is a crucial aspect to keep in mind for any company in the food sector. In this article, let’s see what organoleptic quality means and how food packaging plays a fundamental role in preserving it.

What is the organoleptic quality of food?

The organoleptic properties of food are a complex series of sensory characteristics that can be perceived through the five senses. These characteristics include the color, smell, taste, texture and even the sound of foods. Organoleptic quality is closely correlated with consumer satisfaction. A food that fully satisfies all the senses will more easily build customer loyalty.
However, the organoleptic quality of food is very delicate and the risk of it being compromised during the production, distribution and consumption of products is a common problem. Here is where the value of good food packaging comes into play.

How to protect the organoleptic quality of food

In order to ensure that a food’s organoleptic quality is preserved, it is essential to use the right food packaging. Next, let’s see some key aspects to consider to preserve the color, taste and appearance of foods.

Choice of packaging

It is very important to choose the right packaging. Packaging materials should be carefully selected according to the type of food being packaged. For example, glass can be an excellent option for preserving the freshness and flavor of juices, while vacuum-sealed plastic films are ideal for meat and fish. Choosing the wrong materials can compromise the quality of the food, negatively affecting the end consumer’s perception of the product.

Protective barriers

The protective barriers in the packaging are another key element. They can be composed of thin films or coatings that prevent harmful substances – such as oxygen and moisture – from penetrating the packaging and causing the food to deteriorate. This measure is essential to prevent the oxidation of fats and loss of flavor.

Preserving freshness

Food packaging should be designed to preserve the freshness of foods over time. This can be done by means of hermetic seals, gas release valves to remove air and vacuum packaging to reduce the presence of oxygen that can cause deterioration.

Organoleptic quality: tips for the right packaging

Here are some practical tips for choosing the right packaging to preserve the organoleptic quality of food:

  • Clear labeling: clearly labeling packaging with storage information and the expiry date is essential to ensure consumers use and store food properly;
  • Eco-friendly materials: as well as preserving the food’s organoleptic properties, companies should also choose sustainable packaging materials that reduce the environmental impact;
  • Constant monitoring: it is essential to monitor and control the packaging process in order to ensure the quality of the end product; anomalies or defects in packaging can compromise the food’s organoleptic properties.

Volmar Packaging carefully selects materials that are ideal for protecting and preserving all foods from production to consumption, with the aim of achieving an unforgettable buying experience for the customer.

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