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Food packaging not only ensures food is suitably protected with an optimal barrier effect to extend a product’s shelf life, it can also be used to enhance and promote products by creating customized food packaging.

Custom food packaging can be an effective marketing tool but it’s important to use the right materials and the most effective promotional strategies. Let’s see some useful tips and 3 interesting ideas for creating original and attractive customized food packaging.

How to choose the right packaging

Some food packaging materials are more suitable for customized graphics than others. It’s important to consider this when choosing food packaging and select resistant, secure and hygienic packaging that is also customizable, in order to make products more competitive on the market and attract consumers’ attention.

Our range of customizable packaging includes flexible films, which are suitable for HD flexographic printing in up to 10 colors – a technique that complies with health and hygiene regulations for food packaging. Flexo printing is also suitable for customizing graphics on laminated paper in up to 8 colors. This high-quality packaging is ideal for ready meals, deli products, cured meats and cheeses in modified atmosphere packaging.

Another method for customizing food packaging artwork is rotogravure printing, which produces bright colors that are quite dark and opaque. With rotogravure printing, it’s possible to customize materials like paper, as well as plastic and metal polymers, using special inks that meet food industry health and hygiene standards.

Customizing product packaging: 3 ideas

It’s not easy to create custom food packaging. There are several aspects to consider and it’s important to adopt a style of communication that is appropriate for the target audience. Let’s see 3 ideas about how to get your on-pack communication right.

  • Keep the packaging simple and basic: as too much information confuses consumers, it is a great idea to opt for a minimalist graphic design that is also creative and engaging. For example, using neutral colors and subtle color contrasts, as well as a delicate and uncomplicated font, is a winning choice when the brand’s logo is very elaborate and colorful.
  • Emotive packaging: a complex but effective solution is to design the packaging so it incites emotions and tells the brand’s story. In this case, it’s important to be careful when choosing which emotions you want to spark in consumers, to ensure they reflect the brand’s identity and the product’s characteristics. In general, it’s best to start with the brand’s values and create a communication strategy to promote them.
  • Environmentally sustainable packaging: companies committed to reducing their environmental impact should make sure to communicate this to their customers, using their packaging to convey their environmentally friendly values and the eco-friendly nature of their products. First of all, it’s important to use eco-friendly packaging and inform consumers about how to recycle it correctly; the design should also link the brand to sustainability

Custom packaging to give products soul

Custom food packaging plays a fundamental role these days. Companies that design exciting packaging that attracts and engages consumers increase their sales while simultaneously promoting their brand.

However, it’s important to define a precise strategy based on the values they want to promote and associate with their products, identify the most suitable food packaging and, if necessary, develop innovative and unique packaging solutions. Only engaging, customized packaging will stand out from the competition, so the importance of packaging design should not be underestimated.

Volmar Packaging offers professional food packaging that is easy to customize using techniques such as rotogravure printing or flexographic printing. We offer reliable, high-quality packaging such as flexible films, laminates and COEX, laminated paper and eco-friendly options ideal for marketing strategies focused on green values.

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