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In the food industry, it is crucial to choose the right packaging to guarantee the freshness of food products. An option that is gaining popularity is packaging made with composite materials.
In this article, let’s see what composite packaging is, when to choose it and the differences between mixed packaging and composite packaging.

What is composite packaging?

Composite packaging consists in two or more layers of different materials, which can include plastic, aluminum and paper; when combined, they offer a series of advantages. As a matter of fact, the combination of these layers gives the packaging an effective barrier against moisture, light, oxygen and other agents that could compromise the quality of food products. A common example of composite packaging is a flexible pouch, which has layers of plastic and aluminum. This packaging is widely used for foods like snacks, coffee, dairy products and more.

Composite packaging: when to choose it

The choice of composite packaging depends on various factors. For example, it can preserve the product for longer, protect it from moisture and oxidation or simply increase the food’s shelf life.
Composite packaging is also ideal for products that require vacuum packing. This packaging technique removes air from inside the packaging, reducing the risk of deterioration and prolonging the product’s shelf life.

The difference between mixed packaging and composite packaging

It’s important to differentiate between mixed packaging and composite packaging:

  • Mixed packaging consists in different layers but they are separate;
  • In composite packaging, the layers are combined. This can be through the use of adhesives or lamination processes.

However, the key difference between these two types of packaging is the superior barrier effect: thanks to the combination of composite materials, composite packaging offers greater resistance to moisture, gas and light than other packaging made with mixed materials.
This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for delicate foods that require advanced protection. Composite packaging provides a barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, making it a great choice for a wide range of products.
Volmar Packaging produces eco-friendly food packaging that protects the quality of every product. Our vast experience makes us your ideal partner, offering packaging solutions to cater for all needs.

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