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To protect the quality of packaged cold meats, you need to use the right packaging that will present the product correctly and preserve it perfectly, extending its shelf life. We look at which are the best vacuum-sealed containers for cold meats and the most efficient packaging to protect and enhance these food products.

Why choose vacuum-sealed containers for cold meats?

Vacuum-sealed cold meats are a very popular product on the market: a practical and convenient way to preserve cold meats for longer and reduce food waste. Once sealed, the vacuum-sealed tray can preserve cold meats for weeks, protect them from crushing and provide an excellent barrier effect against contamination.

Vacuum-sealed containers for cold meats offer excellent value for money, they can be customized with HD printing to enhance the product marketing and branding, and they can optimize packaging processes. This is high-performance packaging and there are a wide range of solutions to choose from to meet all needs.

Cold meat packaging methods

Vacuum-sealed containers for cold meats are used as part of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or protective atmosphere packaging (PAT), where in some cases air is replaced with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The perfect balance of these non-toxic gases prolongs the expiration of cold meats, prevents them from going bad and keeps the product’s freshness and organoleptic properties intact for a long time.

Materials used

For vacuum-sealed cold meats, you can use packaging made from different materials. For example, a film made from polyester (PET), a thermoformed and highly transparent material that can be used in high-productivity production lines. Alternatively, you can use thermoformed paper packaging, which is a technical and recyclable material that can be printed on both sides of the tray.

Vacuum-sealed cold meat containers can also be made from polypropylene (PP), a film often used as a top coating or cover for cold meats. Alternatively, you could use a slightly thermoformed paper-based film, which is a type of eco-friendly packaging, with a lower environmental impact and is suitable for modified atmosphere and vacuum-sealed packaging processes.

Another excellent solution is cold meat bags, suitable for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. They are available in various materials, such as COEX or the lamination of different polymers. The structure of vacuum bags for cold meats can be three side seal or folding, with a surface that can be printed in high definition in up to 8 colors.


Vacuum-sealed containers for cold meats offer multiple benefits:

  • Cheap packaging that is excellent value for money;
  • Fast and easy packaging to use on your production line;
  • Modern and practical packaging that can be customized with HD printing;
  • High resistance to protect the product during all production, storage and transport phases;
  • An effective barrier effect against dust, light and moisture;
  • Perfectly preserves the freshness of cold meats.

If you would like to improve your cold meat packaging with vacuum-sealed containers, Volmar offers innovative and high-performance solutions for cold meat packaging, like vacuum bags for foods, which are all customizable and available in different structures and materials.

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