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Sandwiches are a very popular product among consumers as they are a practical and convenient food for a quick snack or lunch. However, as it is a perishable food, it is important to use the right solutions for sandwich packaging.

From traditional sandwich packaging to modified atmosphere packaging, from bags to trays, there are various options for packaging sandwiches. Let’s see which are the main machines and system for packing sandwiches and which are the solution that Volmar Packaging can offer for a safe and efficient result.

Sandwich packaging systems: machines used

Sandwiches can be packaged using various materials, types of packaging and packaging systems. Depending on the process, the following types of machines can be used to package sandwiches:

  • Shrink wrapping machines;
  • Vertical packing machines;
  • Automatic flow pack machines.

Shrink wrapping machines automatically seal the packaging and they  are suitable for various types of food packaging, like rigid films made of polypropylene, polystyrene or amorphous polyester. Rigid films optimize the shelf life of sandwiches. For example they can be used to create practical pre-formed trays with structures that are compatible with modern protective atmosphere packaging technologies.

Vertical packing machines are versatile and compact packaging machines, ideal for hard-to-handle products and loose foods like packaged sandwiches. These machines are compatible with different types of films, including films for vacuum bags with a multi-layer structure and protective atmosphere packaging for sandwiches.

Another solution recommended for sandwich packaging is flow pack machines, which are innovative systems suitable for both primary and secondary packaging. Flow pack packaging is compatible with various types of plastic films, including laminated or single-layer polypropylene – according to the preservation performance required – or polyethylene for lightweight, non-toxic packaging that provides a high barrier effect.

Flow pack system for sandwich packaging allows the use of other food packaging materials, like laminated paper and COEX film. Compostable packaging can also be used in this process to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging and improve the sustainability of the product, enhancing the brand’s image at the same time.

Volmar sandwich packaging

Volmar Packaging has an extensive knowledge of the food packaging sector, offering a wide range of sandwich packaging solutions. This includes high-quality flexible, laminated and COEX films that provide an optimal barrier effect and support gravure and HD flexo printing in up to 10 colors, with potentially recyclable versions available.

For sandwich packaging, we also offer rigid films with various types of structures, including films in polypropylene, polystyrene, amorphous polyester and high impact polyethylene, including high barrier. These materials are ideal for packaging sandwiches in protective atmosphere packaging as they increase the product’s shelf life and effectively preserve its nutritional and organoleptic properties effectively.

We also offer sandwich packaging solutions specifically for flow pack packaging systems, with a wide range of plastic materials and eco-friendly packaging with a lower environmental impact. We can also supply customized laminated paper – a versatile type of packaging with a recyclable. Lastly, Volmar Packaging’s laminated paper is suitable for different systems, such as flow pack, billow bags or trays.

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