Volmar’s range of high-quality food packaging includes the bag in box for oil. It is a modern, durable and vacuum-sealed packaging system that is ideal for preserving vegetable oils and making them easier for consumers to use.

How does the bag in box for oil work?

The bag in box containers for oil consist of a rigid outer shell, for example a drum or cardboard box, with a high-resistance multi-layer bag inside. The structure has a special tap that acts as a simple and practical open-and-close system.

The bag in box container for olive oil and other types of vegetable oil facilitates packaging processes. The packaging is produced in sterile environments, in line with the strictest Italian and European sanitation standards.

Volmar offers customizable bag in box packaging for oils, allowing you to request bespoke packaging solutions based on your specific requirements. Plus, this packaging has a large surface for advertising to enhance your product marketing with customized graphics on the outer box.


The bag in box containers for oil offer a number of advantages in terms of packaging, transport, sale and consumption:

  • excellent value for money;
  • unaltered product taste;
  • excellent preservation of organoleptic properties;
  • secure and effective packaging;
  • customized graphics;
  • storage and transport optimization.

The bag in box for oil is flexible and robust packaging that can be fully customized with a range of solutions and accessories available. Its characteristics offer considerable benefits for both production and consumption, protecting the quality of the oil and preventing deterioration.

Types of Bag in Box for Oil

The bag in box containers for oil are available in different types and structures, with bags of various capacities and different options for the outer packaging. Bespoke solutions are available.

Materials and dimensions

At Volmar, we offer bag in box packaging for oil in various sizes, including the following for retail sale:

  • 2-liter bag in box for oil;
  • 3-liter bag in box for oil;
  • 5-liter bag in box for oil;
  • 10-liter bag in box for oil;
  • 20-liter bag in box for oil.

You can also request bag in box for oil packaging from 10 to 20 liters for the hospitality industry, or bag in box packaging of up to 220 liters for use in the food industry.